Where To Hide Your Guns

Gun control will always be a topic of controversy in America as it very well should be. It is our inherent right as Americans to possess firearms. This has nothing to do with the ability to hunt. Our right to keep and bear arms is based on a balance of power that must exist between the people and the government.

Of the 300 million people in this nation 89 million of them own guns and can shoot and kill. If we had a genuine problem with guns and gun owners in this nation, there would be a lot more dead. This is not to say we are perfect. I think it has been said best, funny enough, by Joe Rogan

“We have a mental health problem disguised as a gun problem.”

The fact remains that there will always be a faction of power brokers and lawmakers that think we would be a better nation without guns. They tend to believe that; as goes the guns so goes the violence. Which we know from history is terribly wrong.

If the day ever comes when we must either stand up for our 2nd amendment rights or hide our precious guns, then are prepared to do so? Do you know how to hide your weapons if people come looking for them? In this article, we will discuss just that.


Take advantage of common household furniture when it comes to hiding your guns. Utilize places like the couches, under cabinets, behind books in book shelves and even hidden in hollow doors. Get creative and you will be able to stow away a small arsenal!


Whether using double sided tape or Velcro you can slide a handgun or even a rifle up your chimney depending on its size. This is a great place to hide weapons and other resources as it often gets overlooked and with smaller chimneys many people would assume this would be impossible.

False Bottoms

Become a master of false bottoms. The false bottom can be used all over your house to hide anything. One of your most powerful false bottoms can be right there in your gun safe. If you are showing some punk from the government your empty safe or removing guns from it a false bottom would lead them to believe you are unarmed when they may be shining a light right at a weapon that is cleverly concealed by a false bottom.

The idea behind the false bottom is that it is a piece of material that covers up the true bottom of a storage area. You could utilize these in closets and other places throughout the home. Check out this link below to see what’s possible.


20 Secret Doors and Clever Hiding Places


Amongst other Debris

One of the best places to hide guns is under other metal debris. Ideally you would bury your guns in protective sleeves. Then you would cover them with metal debris and yard waste. Create a nice big ugly pile.

The beauty of this is that even if it’s scanned with a metal detector the debris will make it impossible to make out a single firearm.

In Plain Sight

Hiding things in plain sight is easier than ever now. There are whole companies that make money from boxes, cans and other household items that conceal things in plain sight. It’s a great time to consider hollow books, shave cream and other small furniture that are completely hollowed out and hardly suspect.

The truth is many of us would rather die than hand over our guns but the day may come that we must make that tough decision. If you can live to fight another day and keep your guns that’s the best answer. You need only find out how to best hide them.


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