How To Verify News To Ensure Accuracy

It seems you cannot turn on the television or even swipe on the smart phone without seeing the words FAKE NEWS. It’s a term that has been coined by both sides of the political spectrum and the fact of the matter is its hardly what the name implies. The news is very rarely fake rather it is more biased than anything else.

I like the name Tilt news. You might be asking yourself why you should be concerned with tilted news in the mainstream. Well, the issue is if you don’t become adept at verifying sources you may not be prepared to act when the time comes. If you second guess a news story or get half the truth it could affect your bugout plans.

Multiple sources

The first and most important step for dealing with FAKE NEWS is to look at several sources. If you find that comments were made regarding a specific topic of interest to you look deeper. If the title you are researching comes from CNN or Fox News than search the internet for similar stories. Often times you will find that many  sources have merely regurgitated the same story from the larger news outlets.

Seek out sites that offer a different perspective and different information. Aggregators work well for this. My favorite is because it offers tons of stories and varied sources. These sites will become your way of fact checking this tilted news.

You must also be careful of extremely obscure sites that are offering opinion above all else. These are the homes of fake news. Though you may find a story that fits your narrative it may not be the truth. The most important part of all this is to find the truth.

Check your own bias

You have to be honest with yourself as well. On the topic of certain issues must of us have an inherit bias. This is not a bad thing but when we are looking for the truth it can be. Not every event in history falls to the political left or right. It goes both ways and you must recognize that.

In order to check your own bias head over the websites that oppose your view. See if the stories FACTS match up. Not the selling points but the facts. Look for things like:

  • Locations
  • Number of victims
  • Times
  • Parties involved
  • Sources

Offer your two cents

Now one of the most important things about verifying news is correcting it and offering the truth to those who so desire it. To simply know the news is tilted is not enough. We all have voice now. Our social media has advanced our reach to incredible lengths. We are all little news towers. You can post the truth anytime you like. If you do the work to sift through these various sites and come to a powerful conclusion it is your duty to let it be known

Don’t underestimate your influence. Check your sources, check your bias and spread the word about tilted news in the media!

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