Transforming Into A Grey Man

This is not an article about the Greys that come down out of UFO’s and molest humans for fun. Those big black eyed mini faced creatures of UFO lore are frightening. They would also invite quiet a crowd if they were ever actually witnessed in the sky or on the ground. In this article, we are looking to do just the opposite of that. When you decide to go GREY you will be doing your best to go unnoticed.

There are several reasons one may want to take the road of invisibility. This is not an easy task but one you can achieve with a good degree of efficiency if you put a little thought into it. Remember it’s the art of being seen but not counted, Present but unnoticed.

There are several reasons why one might want to become a grey man. We are seeing the beginning of divided factions within this nation. Riots are becoming more of a common occurrence and with the influx of refugees we are seeing an uptick in radical violence. This can trigger civil strife or even martial law in some instances. Either scenario would give you reason to become a little less visible.

There are other reasons as well. In fact, if we are ever to face a collapse situation there will be tons of people who are looking for easy access to resources. If you are moving swiftly through these dangerous streets without drawing attention you are less likely to be victimized.

So how does it work?


  • Your attire goes a long way in making yourself invisible. That said you should also consider the area you will be traveling. What types of things do people in this area where? You want to dress in dull and baggy articles that make you nearly formless.
  • This can be particularly helpful for women in urban survival situation. Those yoga pants are going to remind desperate and vicious minds what is to gain just beneath them.
  • Funny enough the color gray is not a bad place to start. Dark and inconspicuous solid colors are the best choices. Avoid writing on these articles of clothing or pictures, which is kind of tough these days. If you do carry a bag with you make sure it follows the same rules as your dress. The DONT TREAD ON ME yellow back pack is going to draw attention and you are looking to do the opposite.

Always have a hat and pull it down as close to your eyes as possible without compromising your vision. You are wearing a costume that will literally make you less appealing. That is the whole point!


Of course, your demeanor and movement play a huge roll in your goal. When you are moving relax and move at a steady pace. You want to look comfortable in your stride and try to mimic the gate and speed of those around you. Again, this is the art of blending.

  • If you can become of a larger group of people traveling on food than do just that. Stay at their back and move at their pace. There is strength in numbers and chances are you will be less conspicuous than most of the people in that group.
  • Avoid main roads and highly populated areas when traveling as well. This will just increase your odds.


If you are approached by someone make sure that you are fluent in the art of deception. In other words, lie. Lie about everything. If you are looking to hide yourself telling people whatever they want to hear is often a great help.

  • A conversation with someone slows you down and it makes both of you stand out so attempt to make these conversations quick and move on.
  • Also, never tell anyone where you are going or why you are going there. This will keep you and your motivations much safer. It’s all part of the art of deception and being an empty hull among those people around you.

When the world falls into a deep collapse people will be feasting on the weak. Hopefully not literally but most certainly hypothetically. This technique known as Grey Man is a tool that will keep you quiet and allow you to get things taken care of out there in the broken world and get back home to safety.


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