Tips For Buying Your Next Flashlight – Don’t Be In The Dark!

Light changes everything! Whether its cover operations or basic crimes committed when the dark comes things can get a little crazy. The cloak of night has always been an issue for us humans. It can also pose serious challenges if you are attempting to get anything done!  A powerful flashlight and lantern can change everything in a disaster or collapse scenario

Keep several grades of flashlights around the house. If you have small children make sure they have lights, too. For them, keep small inexpensive yet effective lights. When they have their own lights, kids feel effective and independent. This can really help in a disaster where they may feel helpless otherwise.

Knowing what to look for in a flashlight makes the buying process much easier. There are four very important characteristics all flashlights share. Rate your lights effectiveness on a combination of these four characteristics and you will consistently find yourself with good equipment.

Output – This is measured in lumens. The number of lumens will tell you how bright the light will perform on high with fresh batteries. In other words, the more lumens the brighter your light will be. There are also other things that affect output like having the ability to magnify that light as well. Some flashlights offer this option.

  • The best lights of today are putting out 1000, or just under that, lumens. Keep this in mind when you are buying.

Beam Distance – This is a very cool metrics that measure is meters and is based on how far your light source will go before equaling the light given off by a full moon. In other words, at some distance the power of your light will fade. Once it’s the equivalent of a full moon’s light on the earth the beam distance is measured.

  • Just remember this is meters and not feet.

Impact and Water Resistance – This is basically the durability of your light. Lights are tested at a distance in meters that they can be dropped until they break, that is impact resistance.

The IPX Scale is how water resistance is measured

  • IPX4 – Resistant to splash after impact
  • IPX7 – Temporary immersion for 30 minutes at a depth of 1m
  • IPX8 – Submersion for up to 4 hours

Run Time – This is easily the most forgotten stat by the average person who is in the market for a new flashlight. You will get caught up in lumens and beam distance. What good is a 2000 lumen light that runs for 10 minutes? Run time is based on how many hours it takes for the light to go from full charge to 10%. Look for a reasonable run time based on what you are using the light for.

Be aware of your light! If you are under attack or running from a human threat just remember in the dark your new powerful light can be seen from far away. This is something the military calls light discipline or the practice of traveling and working in the darkness without the use of light.


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