6 Weird Items to Stock Up On Today!

This is a look at some unconventional items for your stockpile. Some of these items might be no brainers while others may be things that don’t seem that important. What I will say is that all of them are things you should at least be considering in your storage plans. If things get wild you never want to be desperate. Desperate people do desperate things!

Animal Feed

Whether this is livestock or pets you have to consider the capacity to feed them something for the long haul. One of my favorite SHTF food sources is rabbits. They just keep on growing and growing in population. This is such a powerful benefit when it comes to a meat source. Without a supplemental feed, however, they will all die in the winter.


Every day you wake up and fumble into the bathroom for taking that small contact lenses and sliding it over your eye. The miracle of vision comes back to you in that moment. There are a lot of Americans that have terrible vision. Make sure you have contacts or spare glasses available.  I would recommend those sport glasses that strap to your head.

Your vision is a crucial element in today’s world. Imagine how important it could be later.


There is a good chance you are going to miss some meals. If this is not the case you will be more susceptible to disease based on the overall living conditions you are surrounded by. Let’s not forget essential services like water could be out of commission. Vitamins will bolster your immunity and give your body that extra jolt it needs

If nothing else, get your hands on Emergen C. This product is a powder form of 1000mg of vitamin C and B vitamins for energy. Its effervescent and works very quickly. It can push you right through a powerful virus to which even antibiotics would be ineffective.

Pest Management Supplies

Pests are always lurking around your home and with them come disease. As things outside your home deteriorate these pest populations will bolster. They will be looking for a place to nest and eat. Your home could become that destination. Particularly, if you have food and heat when others don’t.

Stock up on traps, sprays and other pest deterrents before you find them in your home. Foggers work great but also look into some natural remedies for pest removal.

Cooking oil

That little bottle of olive oil or vegetable oil that sits in your pantry is not only necessary for cooking but these fats are essential to the human body. If hunting or meat production is not in your plans you better have a program for getting fat to your body.

Not to mention you can saute a thing without them. Make sure you take advantage of storing oils as well as capturing any fat that renders off meat you are cooking. Bacon fat can take you a long way!

Spare Parts

You may be outfitted for the SHTF as we speak. I hope you are. I hope you are sitting on a powerful generator, some solar chargers and other powerful tools that will aid you in your survival. What happens if they break down? Or should I say what happens when they break down. Most manufacturers sell spare parts and will even offer those most likely to break on your machines. If your generator is how you keep the lights on you better be able to fix it when it finally goes out.

Just a few items you may not be considering in your preparedness journey but I think should get a look now while we have the avenue of convenience.

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