This Could Save Your Life! Top Tips For Active Shooter Preparedness…

It’s clear that we have reached a point in American history where the active shooter is simply a part of our lives. We can work towards solutions. We can blame guns or we can blame mental health but at the end of the day random acts of violence like these are being perpetuated on an almost monthly basis.

For the average person policy and rhetoric won’t keep them safe. If you don’t believe that statement just look at the shooting stats in a place like Chicago. The truth of the matter is all Americans need a new level of education. They must be able to understand the threats they face. Beyond that they must be trained on how to prepare and react to them.

When it comes to an active shooter there are three main principles you should understand to better your chances of survival. These are RUN, HIDE and FIGHT.


This is your first and best option in an active shooter situation. You are not always blessed with this opportunity but if you are you must take advantage. If you hear the gunfire from far off its time to get away.

You will be much more effective away from the action. Outside you will be able to contact police. Also, remember to stop others from entering the building or location


The shots may come at such a proximity that you don’t have time to react. Your next best option at that point is to hide. A predetermined hiding spot in or around your workspace is something that should be considered ahead of time.

Consider these hiding spots in your office or immediate area.

  • Locked offices
  • Closets
  • Large vents
  • Under desks


The very worst case scenario is one where you have cannot run and you cannot hide. The shooter may be standing right before you or he may be coming around the corner. In this case, you have no choice but to fight for your life.

Your best bet will be to improvise weapons, take the shooter by surprise and attack viciously with all of your might. This is the fight for your life and you should treat as just that. Attack vital points on the body like:

  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Groin
  • Neck
  • Joints


When the police get on the scene you must understand that their number one motivation is to stop the shooter. There can be no treatment of the wounded and no lives can be saved until that shooter is stopped

The police may step over an injured or dying person to get to the shooter. They are trained to do so. If the shooter is still in action there will only be more lives at risk, including their own.

You must also be very careful about how you approach police. If they show up on scene remember they will not know who the shooter is. Approach them with your hands up and fingers spread. Avoid yelling and pointing at all costs. This is how life changing mistakes can be made.

The active shooter situation is not going away. These tips and tricks will help you prepare for this terrifying scenario. If you want even more in depth training on how to handle active shooters check out the book Survive a Mass Shooting by James Walton

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