Replaced by Robots? Prepare Your Income For Automation

Unless you are pretending to not see it there is a huge push towards automation in retail, restaurants and the economy as a whole.

The push from society to raise wages is another driving force in the push towards automation.

This is an issue that is not often discussed but income is definitely a matter of survival.

Robotics and technology are on a steady climb. The truth is nothing is going to stop that climb.

As business owners find cheaper and easier ways to create their products their businesses will evolve. This will happen with or without the human element.

It’s already happening all around us.

Automated tellers and self-checkouts are the most obvious out in front examples of this type of automation.

How about automated customer service?

What about in larger industries like agriculture and manufacturing. These are huge employers. We want them back in the USA but what if they come back with an android staff?

In the year 2011 and 2012 alone 320k robots were purchased for jobs in the service, industry and agricultural sectors.

The numbers are much higher today. Do you think this will slow down?

Of course, it won’t.

Robots will get smarter, faster and more efficient.

The question is….


I imagine the answer to that question is no.

I am basing this off the fact that good jobs aren’t easy to find anymore.

Also, since Americans are saving at record low numbers, the jump to owning a business would either incur huge debt (if you have the credit) or you are in the unemployment line.

We are going to look at three pieces of advice you should heed ASAP to prepare for a time when automation might target your pay check.


I don’t want this to come off like some sort of an investment article but there are some very real survival implications of you are caught off guard and lose your job.

I want you to stop thinking about income as one salary from one company.

In the future, it will be important to gather several streams of income.

This is not a new strategy. In fact, it’s often the way rich people manage income.

The internet is full of options for alternate revenue.

Now, I am not talking about making millions here but selling shirts or hats, blogging, YouTube, podcasting.

These are a great start to earning money outside of the normal 9-5.


As the world changes you might find that what you do for a living could be better served by automation as well.

Or maybe you have a business that you have been wanting to launch but haven’t had the time. You could consider various automated systems to make this happen for you.

I write books and I have automated tweets that hit the airwaves to sell those books. This keeps me or someone else from having to send these tweets.

This is a very low level example of how minimal automation can make you money.


I hope this talk has spurred some thought in your mind about the possibility of diversifying your income.

I will finally say whatever comes to mind start it today.

At some level start today.

Even if START just means write your ideas on a sheet of paper and revisit them every day until they become reality.

Start your plan today and be prepared for tomorrow!

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