Improvised Household First Aid – 5 Essentials

Let me be very clear at the head of this article. There is no substitute for a quality first aid kit in the home. If you do not own one, it should be very high on your priority list.

You should invest in a travel kit as well and any other locations you might be staying should be stocked with first aid as well. Use the most up to date technology to heal and save lives!

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s begin.

If you find yourself without a first aid kit for some reason there are some very real options all around you.

In a societal collapse your need for first aid will go up and your ability to restock those resources will go down. The world will be filthy and treating even minor cuts could put you at risk for infection. Let’s also not forget that your body will be worn down from things like, lack of sleep and poor nutrition.

I want to focus on these five household items and how they can become powerful first aid tools if you find yourself in need. Just remember these are improvised items that will not work as well as the real thing but they could save your life!


If you are out of the rubber or nitrile gloves trying to keep your bacteria out of another person’s wounds or vice versa plastic bag gloves work well. The best option is going to be bags that have not been used much. Shopping bags, Ziploc’s and even trash bags will work to keep that separation between the patient and the aid provider.

Do a preliminary check for holes and tears before using them.


The popularized spandex or yoga pants can be quickly turned into a brace or sling based on its stretchy nature. If you cut these in a spiral shape starting from the ankle you will find yourself with a couple decent lengths of brace material. Use safety pins or knots to keep it tight and in place.


When it comes to a bloody nose or a deep wound that needs help to clot, help that a normal bandage won’t provide, utilize a tampon. This works best for wounds in orifices like the mouth, ears, nose or other unmentionable areas.

Women’s sanitary pads can also be a big help when other things like gauze are unavailable.


As if we need another reason to buy booze in America. Now, methyl alcohol or the type used in alcohol swabs or pads is deadly and cannot be subbed for tequila in your margaritas. Fortunately, the stuff you buy for your parties can be used to clean wounds! If you are without something like isopropyl or peroxide, you can hit the liquor cabinet.


Stings, burns and bites are all painful and can be tough to deal with. The good news is if you have baking soda around the house you will be in better shape. Baking soda is an incredible substance. It works so well with the human body. You can even brush your teeth with it! It’s the main ingredient in my deodorant which keeps harmful aluminum levels from doing damage to my body.

Keep a box in the fridge and mix it together with some cold water to create a cooling paste. This will soothe and coat the affected area.

As mentioned above, these are last resorts – do yourself a favor and make sure you’ve got a decent first aid kit stocked up at home!

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