Hands-off Fishing Techniques For Easy Protein

As a lifelong fisherman, I always marvel at the importance many put on hunting and foraging in a survival situation. In my opinion it takes a lot of work and calories to forage enough food to sustain you. That said, hunting is no walk in the park either. You could spend hours stalking an animal only to bump it and be left empty handed.

If you’re near a water source fish should be your primary food source. Fishing is a nearly hands off approach to protein. There are three very powerful methods to fishing in a survival situation. We will give each method an overview in this article.

The Rod

If you are an avid fisherman you, more than likely, have a pole in your trunk. If you have the means a nice small 3-4-foot fishing rod could be a great option for your bugout bag. These can be fastened to your bag using Velcro or depending on the bag one of the various straps attached to your bag.

The fishing rod is a great option but it does require you to hold it and reel. This could take up precious time from other survival tasks (wood, shelter, rescue methods) but with your skill it could be the most productive

The Can

I was first exposed to the can method by some Spanish speaking fisherman at a pond in my area. It’s a common practice in nations around the world since exposure to canned soft drinks is so prevalent

This method basically employs one standard soda can, about 50 yards of line, a weight for your line and a hook. This “tackle uses the can as both your reel and your spool! In this method, the line is spun onto the can itself. The hook and sinker are tied onto the line like normal.

Casting this rig is basically a matter of letting out several lengths of line and tossing it into the water by hand. I have no idea what happens if you hook a lunker but the rig will drag in sunfish and small catfish all day!

The Trap

This ancient technique of building a fish trap is achieved through several methods. There are elaborate weaved fish baskets that fish swim into and cannot get out. We are going to focus on an easier method that requires less skill and time.

Using posts, you can create a fish trap that looks like an M in the water. Make sure that there is a small space for the fish to swim in that the V portion of the M. This trap works off the same principle. To create this trap, get your hands on about 30 2-3 foot similar sized posts. These can be cut from larger sticks and branches.

Placement is very important with this trap. Watch the shoreline for baitfish and where they pool is where you should lay your trap. Make sure you are in water deep enough that it can support larger fish. From there this is merely a waiting game. Of course, the beauty of this scenario is that you catch fish without having to be present.

Though it’s not as exciting as some of the other methods when it comes to procuring protein and life saving calories fishing is your best bet. If you are around a body of water take advantage of what lies beneath.


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