The Foundations of Good Community Security

It’s very clear that the essence of long term survival and preparedness is all about community. Many of the bunker building, food hoarding preppers of old have come to the conclusion that John Donne wrote about in the 16th century.

“No man is an island unto himself”

Your ability to motivate and engage your community is the key to the success and security. Fortunately for you there is always one motivating factor that gets attention and that is security. Everyone wants to protect their own things. They may not care a lick about their neighbor but their home and possessions are sacred to them.

Below we are going to discuss three very distinct and important practices for achieving a safer community. These methods will require the work of many and that is what makes them so beneficial. Each has implications in today’s world and in the world we may one day be faced with.


  • Put together your own community watch in your neighborhood. Look for at least 8-10 members who can walk the neighborhood in shifts a few times a night. This will add a presence to your neighborhood that will be noted by any outsiders looking to cause trouble.
  • Train through on process for witnessing crime. When to call cops and when to avoid getting involved at all. This must be a big part of your watch group so they know how and when to react.


  • There are a few different vehicles for quick and collective communication within your community. It is imperative that we include technology in our communication plans. You will hear from more neighbors more often if you communicate in a network that is shooting issues and info to a growing list via email or other method.
  • Facebook, though continually more tyrannical in its blocking of certain news topics, has some great opportunities for setting up groups and group communications. Maybe you setup a community Facebook page for your community?
  • We use something called Nextdoor. This program allows neighbors to easily sign up and we receive email notifications. In these notifications, we discuss crime, disaster and mostly fun community efforts. I would recommend helping older members of the community with this technology. It can be very effective for them. When we have disaster in our area we do something of a roll call to assure all our older neighbors are safe and accounted for.


  • Despite the story portrayed by ball players and the news police are the protectors. They are the people you want to know. Compile a group from your community and call the local Sheriff. Ask for a meeting and explain your concerns. Also, congratulate them if your community is crime free.
  • Meet on a monthly or quarterly basis with your local sheriff and tell them about the things you are seeing. They will also give you feedback about your area as well as tips for keeping your community safe. It’s important to take advantage of this resource. Invite them to your annual barbecue and thank them for all their hard work. Like many things, the community that makes the most noise will be high on the patrol list.


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