Easy Steps To Make Your Own Butter

So where does your butter come from? The girl in the blue bonnet or the kneeling Indian lady? Maybe even better, a store brand label. It’s interesting the amount of concern that goes into the production of cheeses and milk in society but no one takes into consideration the base from which that delicious creamy butter is created.

So, fyi, if you have the desire and the stamina you can buy heavy whipping cream and make your own butter. All you’ll need is a whisk, bowl, salt and some cheese cloth. Like I said the hardest thing to come by is the forearm power. If you have a kitchen aid then this will be very easy on you!

Grab a carton of heavy whipping cream – I use a whole quart. Begin to whisk going at it while keeping a steady pace. For those of you with a Kitchen aid turn it on….slackers.

You want to beat the cream till it gets stiff peaks. This will take some time. This is the point where you add powdered sugar and good vanilla to make some great whipped cream.

For butter, however, you must press on. For you weaklings turn the kitchen aid on again. For the rest of us you have to go even further beyond. Arms will be tired but your almost there. Whip until the mixture begins to separate. You will see liquid leech out away from the solids.

Place this mass into some cheese cloth in a colander with a bowl underneath to catch the liquid that drips off. This is buttermilk. Great in the biscuits and flapjacks.

I allow about a half hour for the buttermilk to seep out. Then turn the butter mass out onto a cutting board. Rinse it with a little ice water and knead it together in a single mass, no more than 2 minutes.

From there you can store it however you wish. Or you can flavor it with things like garlic and herbs or pureed apples and cinnamon. I wrap it in wax paper and it lasts for two weeks. I don’t know when it spoils as it never lasts that long!

Give butter a try. It’s a skill. It’s another way to eliminate reliance on the large scale farming factories that we all think we need in this country.

Also if you have never had fresh butter you owe it to yourself!!

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