Babies in TEOTWAWKI – How to Prep Now!

There is no another feeling comparable to that of seeing your child born. In fact, the peripheral is just as powerful. Seeing a child in and of itself is a powerful and often overwhelming situation. If you can grasp the gravity of how defenseless, confused and overwhelmed these little ones are in this terrifying big world.

Even in the comforts and conveniences of our world, being a child is an incredible undertaking. If you can begin to imagine what it must be like for children around the world who are living through their own personal apocalypse. Think of the children in Aleppo and the Afghanistan or the children in most portions of Africa.

When you bring a baby home from the hospital there are so many things to account for. If it is your first you feel like the creature will shatter into a billion pieces if you don’t place it down just so on the softest blankets money can buy, as you should.

What happens if you find yourself in a situation like this with a little one.  If the world comes tumbling down do you have what you need to take care of your new child long term? I am going to offer you up some tips and tricks to assure that you will have what you need.

  • You may have to change your idea of how you raised kids before and move to a more sustainable method. Cloth diapers are one example of this as you may not be able to get your hands-on others in times of disaster
  • When it comes to herbs and natural treatments it’s one thing to apply these to healthy middle aged person and wait out the return on investment. You better make sure today that your medicinal herb knowledge and essential oil remedies are BULLETPROOF! If you think the end of days is a stressful topic wait until you have a sick baby with flaring fever struggling to survive.
  • If we are talking about feeding baby than we must get creative there as well. If you or your spouse are breastfeeding keep yourself healthy, hydrated and feeding regularly. Get yourself a good manual breast pump and use it often. When it comes to breast milk the body is listening to demand
  • Sometimes the female body just stops producing milk and in that moment, you must have some formula stored. This stuff can be tricky, however because you can only get a few months out of it. Buy a few containers of formula today and add to it each week. Watch your expiry dates and donate those that get close to the local food bank. You may never need it but if you do you will sure be happy you stored it.
  • If this is your first child you may want to consider just dropping a couple hundred dollars on shoes of most sizes. To get your child through the critical steps of learning to walk and walking with confidence you will want to have shoes. Their little feet grow fast and you will be out buying shoes often. You don’t want your child running around bare foot in a post-apocalyptic world.

These are just a handful of consideration to make when preparing for a baby. Remember that they are your responsibility in every sense of the word. No baby ever asked to be brought into this world. Since you have made that decision for them you better nurture them.

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