7 Essentials for Building The Bugout Bag

There are some very distinct rules in the survival game. There are needs that must be addressed and take precedence over everything else. These survival basics are fire, water and shelter. You can create a tremendous level of comfort if you have these three items.

When creating bugout bag, you should address these issues right up front and remember this thing should keep you afloat for at least 72 hours.

FIRE – Be sure to have multiple methods of making fire and tinder to help. Some of the best and most accessible tinder is hiding out in the lint box of your dryer. If you roll it up and coat it with Vaseline, you will have a powerful fire starter.

WATER –  If you choose to pack water it will increase your payload extraordinarily. Liquids are heavy. A few bottles of water may not slow you down too bad. What you will need is a very powerful water filter. You can get these all over now. I use a Katadyn and I have had great results.

SHELTER – You don’t have to go crazy with the shelter. A single person tent is great! A bivvy or single person insulated sleeping that is waterproof and lined to keep in heat works well if you are in a genuine survival scenario. Another light packer is the popular parachute hammock

Any one of these options will take you a long way. I would also recommend something like a poncho or emergency blanket with paracord to create an impromptu shelter if things don’t work out as planned.

Beyond the three basics you should also consider things like self-defense, food, first aid and light. These are all necessary parts of a great bugout bag. Let’s look at some B.O.B options for these categories.

SELF DEFENSE – There are hundreds of options when it comes to self-defense. You really need to make one serious decision early on: lethal or less than lethal.

For me a handgun is the perfect accompaniment. You may want something else like mace, a tomahawk, a baton, a Taser, rubber bullets or many other things. Be sure you have a weapon that can protect you and your family.

FOOD – When it comes to food you are looking for high calorie foods that are lightweight. Of course, things like trail mix, granola bars, jerky and pemmican are some of the most common. It helps to consider making your own high calorie bars that can be customized to your taste and packed up easily.

FIRST AID – It might seem funny that first aid is so low on the rungs here. In survival, you must cover some bases before you worry about really dealing with minor injuries. Your average first aid kit is going to work for minor injuries.

LIGHT – You must get your hands on a powerful flashlight. Headlamps aren’t bad either. There are some powerful compact lanterns that also have a place in a bugout bag. Another great item is the glow stick. You can crack them and activate them inside your shelter and they will provide great light without burning through energy. They are light as air too!

This is a great starter list for building up your bugout bag. If you carry on from this point you will create a very powerful bugout bag that can take you and your family, the distance if the time ever comes to use it

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