6 Essential Ways To Beat The Cold

Winter varies for many across the United States. We are used to warm winters behind heated walls. The fact is we are a power outage away from feeling the real effects of the winter. Though it may not seem like a great threat the cold can be a powerful challenge even indoors. What if the power went out for months?

Outside those four walls though, it’s a very different story. The wind cuts through your body temperature quickly. It’s hard to create adequate shelter and the cold affects your ability to perform even simple tasks at a certain point.  If you find yourself outside in freezing temperatures, you better come prepared. Here are some things you can do to stack the odds in your favor.

Hot Liquids

There are very few things I enjoy about winter. Hot tea in the morning and a reason to brew it is easily my favorite thing. For good reason, too. By drinking hot liquids like hot tea, hot chocolate or just warmed up water you will keep your body nice and toasty even if the world around you is frozen.


There is no better way to stay warm than layering clothes. It’s very important to layer comfortably. Use the compression warm gear as your base layer. From there it’s about adding nice comfortable layers both on your legs and upper body. If you layer properly you will stay warmer longer.


Whether it’s a fire in the wood stove or a blaze outside in the cold fire is necessary. A good fire starts with good dry hard wood. If you are planning on burning fire over winter make sure you have plenty of it. 5 cords of wood should do most people fine if they are burning through the winter.

If you are building a fire outside gather the amount of wood, you think you will need to stay warm and then gather three times more.


There is only one thing that will keep you warm if you did not prepare enough wood for the winter and that’s the heater in your home. If you lose power, you better have a backup. A solid generator from a reliable brand is a must have. This combined with several space heaters. Can turn that power outage into less of an issue.

Head, Hands and Feet

Ever since I was little my mother and father have been telling me about losing heat from your head, hands and feet. Their voices echo in my mind to this day. Make sure you have great socks that insulate well. They even make waterproof socks. A good pair of gloves is invaluable. These should stand up to wind and even a reasonable amount of moisture.

Last but certainly not least is a hat. Make sure you have a hat that covers your head completely. These little beanies just aren’t enough for dealing with the cold of winter. When you are talking about temps of 32 degrees and below you need your ears covered as well. You need fur and insulation to keep you warm.

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