4 Ways to Make Money Prepping

It’s all in how you look at prepping. That sounds like a cliché but the it’s the truth. There are as many types of preppers as there are types of preps. Each of us carries our own brand of fear, desires and goals for our level and preparedness. With all this character and diversity, the niche is rife with opportunity to make money.

There are many ways people make a living off prepping each day. Of course, the biggest benefit in doing this is that you can spend more time prepping and absorbing the information and ideas of the community. It also offers a little extra income. If you have put enough time, energy and money into it you could make a living off prepping.

Let’s talk about how.


There is such a library of content out there in the world now it’s astounding. People are blogging at an astounding rate. Even now when you would feel like all topics and subjects would be filled with top bloggers people are still starting new blogs every day. Remember, you are now marketing to billions of people. That means there is opportunity out there.

If you can come up with a unique take on prepping and survival, there are plenty of people who will consume it. You could get your content posted on aggregators. You could also write free content (eBooks, whitepapers) that generate traffic as well.


Do you know lots of survivalists and preppers? Are you very experienced and have a lot to say? A great podcast is an indispensable part of the American worker’s day now. Most people like to listen to something while they are on the road, while they work or even before bed. You can sell ad time or your own products on your podcast to generate money.

Making a podcast today is as easy as hitting record on your phone. The mics are so good you can record in a car and get great sound.


There are a lot of survival and preparedness books on the market today. A lot of people get down about the fact that there is so much competition. The interesting thing is that there is still a market out there for new books.

If you can come up with a new take or and exciting way to write one of these books you will be rewarded. Remember what I told you about blogs and podcasts. You can show up on blogs and do some guest posts to push your book as well. With self-publishing, you don’t even need a publisher you can self-publish!


The final option is giving talks. If you have experience in business, survival experiences, military you could put together a solid talk on several topics. If you have great content and great presence you will please an audience. You could speak at survival and outdoor shows as well as survival schools throughout America.

This would also make you desirable to the above methods we mentioned. A great speaker can usually write good books, has a podcast and/or a blog.

There are many ways to make some extra money off your prepping goals. Imagine a world where blogs and podcasts paid for your preps!


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