5 Prepper Apps Your Smartphone Needs Now!

There is no denying the power of the smart phone. Even offline, if the phone has power it can still be incredibly effective. I tried to find out how many lumens the flashlight is but didn’t come up with any real answer. It’s not 200 lumens but it’s an available light when you don’t have anything else.

With a simple solar charger, you can have access to all the powerful tools on your phone. In most cases, service will still be operational or it may black out but be back in a few days. Remember, these companies offer nationwide service and, god bless their capitalist hides, they want to make money.

The basics of your phone are impressive. You are with it every day so it gets taken for granted. It’s like a great spouse!

Now with the addition of some serious apps you can turn your phone into a legitimate tool for survival. There are too many app on the net. The ones we are going to discuss are crucial.

Game and Fish

No matter what state you are in your local game commission probably has an app. On that app is a list of bugout locations you own! Did you know you owned bug out locations? Across your state there are public lands that you can camp, hunt, fish and forage on. You got to know where they are though and these apps do a great job with that. Find your local commissions app today and look for public lands in your area.


If the power is out and your phone is on a solar charger, this could be the difference in staying informed or not. I think about Joplin and other places that were hit hard with severe weather back to back. Having the information flow on weather will allow you to make decisions about survival. Even if we are just talking about knowing a dip in temperature is coming.

SAS Survival Guide

The SAS survival guide costs $5.99 in the app store. Before you can even consider not buying it, buy it. It costs less than the next thing you are going to stuff into your mouth, most likely. It is the ultimate survival guide and will give you answers to so many questions. This is the best manual in app form that is available. It is also a self-contained app which means without a signal you will still have access to it.

Wild Edibles

This app was already a great study tool and another that you should pay the 4.99 for the full version. I used to own it until I became proficient in identifying the wild food on my own. The app offers over 200+ edible plants that can be researched with pictures and description. The images also download onto your SD card now for in the field access.

Home Workout MMA Spartan

Survival can be struggle but once you build shelter get food and water you will find it often leaves you with some serious time on your hands. You can use that time to create other things or you can use that time to keep yourself in shape. Your survival scenario may also include fending off others and strength plays a significant role in that, like it or not. This app offers a great collection of bodyweight exercises that are safe and effective.


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