5 Needs for Survival Nutrition

Whether you talk about a more sustainable lifestyle or a survival situation where the world has changed dramatically nutrition is going to play a big part in staying healthy. We know now that nutrition and the food we eat can prevent some of the worst diseases out there. We also know that a diet high in sugary, processed carbohydrates can help along diseases like cancer and diabetes.

So, what happens if you are living in a world where nutrition seems scarce?

There are things that can be stored and things that can be foraged to increase your intake of necessary vitamins and minerals. It’s all about where you put your focus and what you store.

We are going to discuss 5 powerful recommendations for bolstering nutrition in a survival scenario. Some of these will be items you can store or forage and some will be both!

Either way you will have an idea of what your body will need to stay in optimal health.

Vitamin C

This is an immune system stimulator. In a post-apocalyptic world or even following a serious natural disaster you may find yourself using your hands than you ever have. Cuts and abrasions can all equal infection. It will be important to have an immune system stimulant like Vitamin C around. You could also struggle with fatigue and poor sleep.  These will cave your immune system in Vitamin C can bring it back.


Pine Needles
Rose Hips
Powdered Vitamin C


Fat is an often-overlooked part of the food storage plan. It has been proven that fat is necessary to a healthy diet and that the low fat or no fat diet is bad for the human body. Fat also aids in testosterone production in males. These fats lubricate the joints and are necessary components of many body processes.


Stored oils
Canned Meats in Fats or Oils
Coconut Oils

Leafy Greens

Nothing packs the punch like those leafy greens. The kale craze is over the top and for good reason. Kale is packed with incredible nutrition. The great news is so are some delicious wild edibles. If your survival garden isn’t working out or if you have had to abandon your property you can get great nutrition from wild edibles as well.

Chicory Dandelion

Clean Water

Though it may not bring tons of nutrition to your body, water ensures that many of the vitamins you eat make it into the blood stream efficiently. The more hydrated you are the better absorption rate your body will have. Vitamins are all about absorption and many are water soluble. So, make sure you have access to plenty of clean water.


Filtered and Purified bodies of Water
Safe Collection

Multi Vitamins

Though these vitamins have gotten a bad rap in the news lately they should still be part of your food storage plan. These multi vitamins cannot take the place of a good diet but they are a great option for tying up loose ends. You might say they “bat cleanup” to use a baseball analogy. In the worst case, they give you access to precious vitamins your body will need to stay at its optimal level.

SOURCES: Store up now as these are only manufactured.

Storage: Cool dry place

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