5 Items to Add to Your Bugout Bag (They’re NOT in this Picture…)

Whether you are building an EDC, Bugout bag or even a get home bag there are always gaps. You are attempting to prepare for every situation and, of course, that’s impossible. Still, there are some great items that can be added to your kits. You may have some on this list and you may not.

Not only will some of these items fill gaps in your preparedness needs but they may also lighten your load by serving dual purposes. We will look at each item and discuss how they can be used and what types of things they will help you with along your preparedness journey…


This seemingly ineffective little scarf is a tactical survivors dream come true. You may recognize this as the wrapped face mask of many middle eastern warriors. The Shemagah has countless survival purposes. Here is a small list of uses for this survival handkerchief.

  • Dust and other inhalant protection
  • Protects from the sun
  • A layer for warmth
  • Can be tied into a bag
  • Filled with pine boughs leaves or other items to make a pillow
  • Used as a water filter

Hydration Bladder

The hydration bladder is a great option for hikers but I notice most preppers carry a bottle or canteen for liquids. I do not think the hydration bladder is a substitute for either but it is a necessary addition.

Not only does it add a great easy access water source to each bag you pack. It serves as another storage vessel for when clean water.

Take a note from hikers and add a bladder to your BOB

Tactical Gloves

Now it may sound silly not to have gloves but those ones on your hand will more than likely get damaged or worn out. Keep a spare pair of tactical gloves in your BOB.

You could also carry two types of gloves one for more wear and tear jobs like daily work and other tactical gloves for runs or special jobs that require more dexterity.

Tactical gloves may seem like a no brainer but the backup pair weighs under 5lbs and will be worth their weight in gold.

Blade Sharpener

Many preppers have a vast array of knives. Some are fixed blade, some hinged but all will require sharpening. If you are in a real survival situation you are going to use these blades a lot.

In just a few hours a survival knife or axe will be dull and need work.

Without a sharpener in your kit you will have a tough time getting that blade back to the razor it started as.

Knee Pads

Really one of the most vital things if you are planning for any type of urban survival. It is very important that you make the most uncomfortable parts of surviving as comfortable as possible.

You will be doing a lot of kneeling and crawling on cement and concrete. If you are up in age or were physically active in your youth, you may have knee problems already.

These knee pads will also prevent your pants from wearing out quickly.

There’s five thoughts for a better bugout bag. Add these items today so you know it’s all up to date! 

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