5 Food Storage Items To Buy Today (Just in case!)

In an economy of boom and bust many Americans often struggle with how to invest their hard-earned dollars. Some have put money in gold and silver while others have opted for raw land.

I come to offer you the investment in food security. If you want your dollars to go a long way buying food in bulk is a great investment. There is food that have an incredible shelf life and will also offer your family great nutrition.

Of course, there are tremendous options in freeze dried varieties but I want to talk about 5 items that you can buy at any supermarket. This collection of foods will also offer you the ability to in a diverse array of nutrients from just your food storage. Now there are only so many ways you can slice 5 items but these will over the diversity in nutrition and flavor if the time come that you must rely only on these foods

RICE – It’s such a reasonably priced commodity and feeds literally billions across the planet. Rice is also a great carrier of other flavors. This staple will provide you with the energy you need whether you are surviving a local flood or a life changing SHTF collapse.

Without oxygen absorbers, your long-term stores of rice will get infest with larvae and moths. This is not something you want to have happen when you truly need it. So, as a food storage manager you can take use two methods. Turn your grain over regularly by eating it on a weekly basis. The other option is to go the route of long term food storage and pack your foods appropriately. With rice, you must decide.

BEANS – another excellent source of protein and zinc. Beans are also another one of those foods that is consumed in mass around the world. They are a dry and shelf stable source of protein. Not to mention beans are dirt cheap. You can buy giant bags of beans for under $10.

I like to have several types of beans around to break up the monotony. Some of my favorite are white beans, navy, black, pintos and kidney beans.

OATS – there are so many benefits to eating oats. Oatmeal is a slow burn, complex carb filled breakfast that will keep your energy levels high till your next meal. Oatmeal stores well and can be bought in bulk just lime rice. It is stored in much thicker and safer containers but they are susceptible to moisture. You will want to store your oats in a dry place.

If you think oats are just for oatmeal you are wrong. These are great blended up in smoothies to add body and carbs. Not to mention granola and granola bars are comprised of this stuff as well.

OLIVE OIL – Recent nutrition news has shown us that fats are not the big bad wolf we once thought them to be. In fact, men need more fans than we thought! Testosterone production leans heavily on the intake of fats into your body.

Olive oil is one of those great ingredients that can be bought in small 6 dollar bottles or 25 dollar cans! This gives you options on how you want to store it. I would recommend going after a 100 percent olive oil and not spending the money on extra virgin.

WILD SALMON – When it comes to canned protein there are few options out there as powerful as wild caught domestic salmon. The fish is of great quality and the nutrition is off the charts. Salmon is packed full of healthy fats and Omega 3’s.

Wild caught salmon does not present the mercury danger that many other canned fishes do. Especially larger predatory fish. Be careful what you are putting on your shelves as it could one day become your daily intake!

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