The 5 Essentials of Flood Preparation

Though not one of the most exciting or thrilling things to prepare a flood can ruin everything. Not to mention floods occur every year without fail all over this nation. They are one of the only disasters that can be brought on by any number of events.

  • Heavy Rains
  • Hurricane Aftermath
  • Melting Snow
  • Broken Watermain

A flood doesn’t have to be widespread to be a disaster. If your home is being flooded and it’s the only one on the block…THAT’S A DISASTER!

Since the flood is one of our most common disasters we should take some basic steps in preparing for the rushing waters. This practice of flood preparation can save us tons of money and the agonizing pain of having to deal with insurance companies afterwards.


For those important items like wood stoves, electrical panels and other important items either elevate them or disconnect them altogether. This will keep critical electronics out of the way of the flood. If this becomes unavoidable make sure you kill the power to you home to avoid electrocution.


Those leaky basement walls may seem like merely a nuisance now but in the event of a real flood these leaky walls could be giving flood waters a head start. Your home could be holding water for days before the real flood hits.

Go to your local home improvement store and get your hands on a good waterproof sealant to keep that slow leak of water out of your home. Dry lock or epoxy seal are two great options.


You may not have sand or sandbags but you can use any number materials to create a barrier between flood waters and your home.

  • Old wood
  • Leaves
  • Dirt
  • Building materials
  • Fallen trees
  • Trenches


It is very important that you know the bodies of water that surround your community. Some of these bodies of water may be easy to find on a map. Large rivers, ponds and lakes will be on all the common maps. Unfortunately, you will have to be a little more thorough if you want to get the full picture of the water threat around your home.

  • Using Google Maps look around your immediate area for small creeks and streams as well as smaller ponds.
  • Look at shopping centers and the drainage pools behind the retailers these can also be flooding threats
  • Also, pay attention to your elevation and proximity to water level as well


Keep in mind that the time may come when you just must go. No matter what preps you have put in place or barriers you have built there may come a time when you must say Uncle. DO IT! You cannot over power a flood. The rushing waters will take you and everything you own if it gets bad enough.

Map yourself a clear route out of your area. Look for a route that might be less crowded and keeps a comfortable distance from major bodies of water.  This will be your best bet out of town without failure or delay. The sooner you leave the better your chances of getting out.

Since Noah, floods just haven’t held the same apocalyptic appeal that other things like a pandemic or an EMP. In the case of floods there is more property damage and death attributed to them than anything you’d find in a SHTF survival manual. This is a very real threat that Americans are facing all the time.

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