4 Methods of Keeping Perspective When Prepping (and One to Avoid!)

In the prepper and survivalist community there tends to be this potential for widespread paranoia and even isolationism.

It’s not an easy task to ingest the type of news and media that we do day to day without it having some effects.

It’s a very serious situation and until you have met a prepper who has really launched off the deep end it’s kind of hard to quantify.

As homesteaders, preppers and survivalists most of us spend a lot of time and effort working on projects and developing innovative ways to be more self-sufficient.

No matter how dedicated you are to this movement work is work.

You need a break and more importantly you need a time to decompress.

Diet is always a big topic in life. It seems like since the beginning of time there have been articles and books on diets.

I mean the old testament even has a diet section!

When we think of diet it almost exclusively involves what goes into the body. I want you to consider your mental diet. What is going into your brain on a regular basis?

If you ate nothing but fast food for a month I think it would have some negative effects on your body and health.

Why then are we so willing to fill our minds with violence, porn, torture and various other negative images and messages. Consider what you know about fast food now imagine a mental diet of the same destructive “food.”

As a prepper or survivalist, you must understand that your efforts are important. If something BIG was ever to go wrong, you will be prepared and that could make all the difference.

You must also understand that life is happening everyday despite the possibility of cataclysm. It is imperative that you strike that balance between preparing for the future and living in the present.

Without balance, you have nothing.

I want to offer up some of the ways that I find perspective in my life when prepping, podcasting and media becomes a little too much for me to handle…

Martial Arts and Fitness

Physical exertion is a great way to purge negativity. Make the weights and the heavy bag suffer the ills of the world.

Work hard and to the point of exhaustion.

This will clear your mind and get you back on track.

Fly Fishing

My father always told me that the creek just melts your problems away.

Standing knee deep in running water chasing a rainbow trout you will find that it’s hard to deny him.

It’s hot as hard or as time consuming as you would think. Give it a try today!


Friends are important. Friends that make you laugh so hard your belly hurts are priceless.

Do you need an explanation?


Drinking and Drugs

If your brain begins to equate stress with the need for an altered state of mind things can get real ugly real fast.

Find your balance and you will know a fuller life.

Prepping can consume you, if you let it. Be warned!


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