The 4 Best Disciplines For Fighting For Survival

Today, we are more exposed to fighting arts or martial arts than ever before. There are martial arts being studied in shopping centers all over the nation. No matter what the discipline I feel like the undertaking of any martial art is a great idea. This can be especially true of the youth. There is something so powerful about the youth coming together and getting through a tough martial arts class.

When it comes to survival things are quite different in my mind. There are fighting methods that will save your life and there are other methods that won’t get you very far. I think it’s very important for us to be honest about fighting styles and what they offer both good and bad. If you are going to depend on this fighting method for self-defense you must invest your time properly.

If you are looking for a good hobby marital art than things like kenpo, tai chi and capoeira are all great options to pass time and learn about yourself. But if you run into someone who knows how to fight you are gonna get beat up. So what do I mean when I categorize a person as “someone who knows how to fight.”

The 4 methods of self-defense below are the real thing. These will put you in position to protect yourself with your own body and hands. Sure, you could learn some things from taking karate and taekwondo but if you want the full package consider the following.


Boxing is one of those great sports where the training really transforms you. You know, throwing punches over and over at a heavy bag does some good but sparring and the fitness that comes with boxing makes you something more. I think since boxing is only the use of hands lends it to some issues with more comprehensive striking methods but when it comes to a solid method for striking boxing is hard to beat. Not to mention the level of conditioning you will receive in your training.

Muay Thai

This ancient martial art created by the people of Thailand is still their military martial art. This is for good reason too. Muay Thai is much more than merely kickboxing. Muay Thai also employ the incredibly powerful clinch. The clinch is the practice of controlling one’s posture and manipulating them as you see fit. Often this is to land devastating elbows or knees in close range.

This style is also predicated on power and force. When you fight Muay Thai you are awarded points for your aggression and power. For this reason, you are trained in a similar fashion.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

In my opinion there is no more accessible a martial art that can incapacitate so efficiently as Brazilian jiu jitsu. It is the art beyond striking.

Standing up and throwing well practiced punches and kicks is powerful but if that’s your whole game chances are you will wind up on the ground. BJJ teaches you how to be effective off your back and on the ground where footwork becomes irrelevant.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is not a martial art. It’s a self-defense system used by the Israeli special forces. You will learn how to incapacitate and kill. In many cases, you take base methods from many of the above mentioned.

If your motivation is simply to prepare for the very worst of times Krav Maga is the way to go. You will learn disarmament of weapons and how to stop and dispatch of the enemy in the fastest way possible.


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