3 Tactical Resources To Prepare You for War

This article is not about preparing you to go to war.

The most important thing to consider is peace and that we must avoid any version of combat to the best of our ability. I will say that a thorough understanding of combat, war and unrest can often help you avoid or strategically end something before it starts.

The resources we are going to talk about in this post will be diverse.

From the often-philosophical teachings of Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’ to the cold hard facts of military history you will come to understand the act of combat and war a little better.

In many ways, you will better understand the adage of “The best offense is a strong defense.”

If we see a world where civility breaks down and areas of America degrade to that which we see in Africa or the Middle East, we must be prepared.

We must have an answer for that.

Even if its mounting our own offensive in these areas if the police and military have disbanded as well.

What about Martial Law; did you know that all the training protocols are available to the public?

Why shouldn’t you study these? IF something terrible like this rolls into your town you out to be prepared.

Why go blindly into the horror?

Sun Tzu

Still regarded as one of the greatest books on military management in history, The Art of War is a trove of knowledge. It is both a powerful lesson on the psychology of war as well as the physical setting of one’s pieces on the game board of battle.

Sun Tzu was very thorough in this book discussing things like weak and strong points, maneuvering and even fighting on certain types of terrain.

One of my favorite sections is the The Nine Situations where he describes the types of ground and their restrictions.

“When an army has penetrated in the heart of a hostile country, leaving a number of fortified cities in its read, it is serious ground.”

It not a giant read. The book is rather short but contains some great information. When you skim these pages, you become deeply involved in all it takes to wage war against an enemy.

“In war, then, let your great object be victory, not lengthy campaigns.”

Government Training

I happened upon this creepy link below some two years ago, and began leafing through it.

If you are looking to understand the actions of the army in a martial law situation this really breaks it down for you. This info could be used in our favor if things ever get out of hand within a violent military rule.

It’s made up of great chapters like operational threats of civil disturbance, control force operations, riot shield and baton techniques, and everyone’s favorite apprehension, search and detention.

Not at all a comforting read but something that will offer up a great deal of knowledge in the realm of understanding very powerful and up to date tactics.


Military History

There are any number of military history resources out there.

There are whole swaths of television on the subject. I also encourage you to check out Dan Carlin’s great podcast called Hardcore History.

Where I find this information so useful is in watching the posture of nations in today’s world.

If you study military history early on you will begin to see similarities in the moves that countries like China and Russia are making today.

They both have conquered lands or are in the process of such. The next steps become very interesting.

The source I have sighted below is a great one for military history. What you will find on this site will also be book reviews.

Military history books are the very best resource for this material.

There is nothing that has more info packed into it like these books.

Start with what interests you and move on from there.



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