3 Methods For Handling Human Waste After A Disaster

In a situation where a natural disaster or societal collapse affects the water supply and waste removal you will need a solution.

In fact, one of the most dangerous threats in a collapse situation is the lack of sanitation and hygiene.

  • If this type of waste is not handled properly it can cause many problems.  There are few things that carry comparable bacterial like human waste. Powerful bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli and viruses like hepatitis all exist in dangerous levels in human waste. So, having a plan to handle this waste is crucial in a collapse scenario.
  • Hopefully, in a disaster you are eating and drinking. That is a struggle on its own. If you are prepared with a great selection of food storage and water for emergency use that’s great. That stuff must go somewhere.

Below we are going to talk about some plans you must be prepared for in the event of a disaster that affects your ability to dispose of human waste.

Cat Holes
If you are in a short-term situation where you are dealing with water shutdown or a disaster that affects your ability to dispose of your families bodily waste a cat hole may be all you need. You could get away with digging some holes in the land and sending family members to use them.

The cat hole is the backpackers best friend. The reason being is that they are constantly on the go. The cat hole is only a viable option in the short term if you are not moving constantly.

Burning Waste
In a longer-term situation, you may want to take the path of the military and burn your human waste. Utilizing a 5-gallon bucket or another comfortable container your family could use. This waste could then be transferred outside to a barrel or a much larger hole in the ground. This mix could then be ignited and the waste burnt away.

Of course, the big question with this method is which poor sap must do it! Who is traveling the waste and who is burning the waste! Will it work? Yes. You may have to get creative in how you dictate who handles it each day.

The Compost Toilet
There are several companies selling composting toilets these days. This is due in large part to the rise in the small home movement. These are often used by folks in their small sustainable setups. The compost toilet is more than a solution to your waste management woes.

A compost toilet works in the same way your compost pile does. It turns your waste and introduces air and agitation to aid in the breakdown of this waste. If the composting process is done properly you are left with something that has been dubbed “humanure” and can be used in your gardens. If you were to do so with regular human waste your whole family would be sick or die from infection.

Do a google search on composting toilets and you will see the variety in toilets that can be kept in the comforts of your own home. These composters have taken a serious turn for the better thanks to the demand.

Waste management can prove to be quite the trial if not handled correctly. You will find yourself destroying what local water you have or sickening your family if this waste is not handled properly. Prepare for these three methods above and you will find yourself much better off in the face of disaster.

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