3 Essential Simple Garden Projects for This Season

The ability to grow your own food is more important than ever. We see the motivation in even the common man. As the flow of information increases it’s clear that more and more people are going to either desire to or grow more of their own food. Like anything else they will be looking for easy ways that make sense and produce good results.

There are ways that you can make this a more feasible undertaking. Ultimate goals should not be to create a garden full of soil from Lowes and water from the garden hose. If you are truly interested in growing your own food in a sustainable manner than things like compost and water catchment must be huge parts of your planning.

We are going to look at three powerful projects for you to undertake this growing season – none of which will consume too much of your time or money.

These three projects will allow you to extend your growing season, enrich your soil and water your garden while allowing beneficial and precious microbes to proliferate in your garden beds or soil.

Hoop House

5 1 inch X 5 ft. pvc pipes
2 .mil clear sheeting (check in the painting section of your local home store)
1 pack of quick grip clamps
10 Metal stakes

As you can see it doesn’t take a lot of ingredients to put this hoop house recipe together, and will work best if you build it into a raised bed (the raised bed is by far the best option).

This is a project that you’ll be able to complete very quickly; you can achieve the basic hoop house in under an hour.

Separate the 10 stakes and hammer 5 on each side of the raised bed. Makes sure the stakes are parallel with one another on opposite sides of the bed. These are going to hold your pvc pipes in place. You will slide the one inch pipe over each steak so be sure you have stakes that fit into the pvc. Also, be sure that you leave about 2 inches of the stakes above ground.

Slide one pvc pipe over a stake and bend it over the bed to the opposite stake. Make sure the pipe is securely held in place by being slid completely over the stake. Do the same with the remaining pipe.

Finally drape your sheeting over the pipes and secure it in place using the clamps. Clamp on the pipes and the raised bed itself to keep it airtight.

Compost Pile

5 used wooden pallets

To create a quick and easy compost bin to house your compost pile you will merely need these pallets. Nail them all together in the following shape.

The left bin will contain your freshest food scraps and yard clippings while the bin on the right will be for your compost that is further along. I also drill in small wooden braces at each 90-degree angle using scrap wood. These braces give the bin much more stability.

Water Sourcing

There are many ways to catch water. For this project, we are going to give you the keys. It’s important that you utilize the catchment method that works best for you and your setup. I will merely recommend a few options:-

  • Rain Barrels
  • Irrigation or water diversion
  • Large Basin
  • Underground collection
  • Local stream or creek sourcing
  • Well water

So there you go – three quick projects that will quickly give you a good base from which to start growing your own produce!

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